What you’ll learn

The comprehensive guide to playing electric guitar in the worship team

Clearly explained guitar lessons

Worship Chord System

A step by step guide to chords you will use in worship. Contemporary voicings. Changes explained. Common worship patterns.

  • 30 ContemporaryOpen Chord Voicings
  • 32 Practice Backing Tracks
  • Smooth chord changes how-to
  • Top praise and worship chord patterns
  • Movable Barre chords
  • Power Chords
Comprehensive Training - Amps, Effects, Chords, Techniques - All here so you don;t have to hunt around!

Amps, Effects, Tones

How to dial in five workhorse tones for worship, using just your guitar, amp and two pedals.

  • Top 5 Worship Tones
  • Guitar settings
  • Overdrive and Delay settings
Play chords up the neck using triads and partials

Chord/Lead playing

Ok, we’ve got the chord chart. But how do we bring it to life? How do we play chord riffs up the neck?

  • Combining Chords with Leads
  • U2 style worship playing
  • CAGED system triads + scale notes
  • Higher fret chord partials
  • Emotional sounding chords
Beginner to intermediate techniques - like chord substitutions, palm muting, harmonics, playing up the neck and more

Rhythm Techniques

Flowing worship rises and falls in intensity. How do we cover this on electric guitar? A toolkit of techniques to help you.

  • Handle loud praise and gentle worship
  • Swells, harmonics, rakes, broken chords
  • Syncopation, Palm mutes, pick dynamics
What to play with a full band

Playing with the Worship Band

The band changes what we do. Learn how to find your ‘musical space’ in the team.

  • Blending with drums, bass, keys, voice
  • Stage monitoring – hearing yourself
How to crate a flowing worship service

Creating Worship Flow

Our goal. To melt into the background and support worship. Tips and tricks for a seamless experience.

  • Supporting congregational worship
  • How to link songs
  • How to play spontaneous worship

Four stage learning system

Learn using a four level system. Start with the basics, then move towards our goal - Worship Flow

The course flows in four stages, progressing towards our goal of flowing worship:


  • Basics – You need to be able to wire up a guitar, hold a pick, get it round your neck and play your first chord. Until you can do this, you aren’t going anywhere!
  • Skills – What do we actually need to know to play modern worship? What can we leave out? Hone your playing skills here. Learn how to turn chord charts into interesting parts.
  • Band – Playing in a band changes things. Learn how to complement the other players. How to find your ‘musical space’. Learn how stage monitoring works
  • Flow – Our goal. To create a seamless, flowing experience that helps people sing praises. Practical tips on linking songs, and spontaneous worship

Example playing

You’ll learn the how and the why behind creating this part.

The chord chart just said “E” and “A” – but we’ll know how to change that!


Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you:
  • Want to play electric guitar as part of a worship team – the emphasis on learning guitar for team playing, not alone
  • Are a complete beginner and want to start with how to hold a guitar
  • Are intermediate but want to dig deeper into modern chord voicings and technique
  • Want to learn principles, not songs You want to know how to create worship guitar parts – not just copy!
  • Learn at your own pace Go over these lessons as many times as you want!
  • Want solid timing the backing tracks help you develop your internal clock
  • Use your commute Add some earbuds to your phone – swap boredom for learning

Course Features

Backing Tracks

New techniques are introduced with a full band backing track. This lets you practice what you’ve just seen. It’s the only way to learn guitar

View Anywhere

Watch the lessons on your phone, your laptop, your tablet. Responsive technology gives you the best experience – whatever device you use.

HD Video Lessons

All lessons shot full HD and delivered as 720p, with clear lighting, close ups, and clear sound.


Structured Learning

Each lesson builds on the previous one. Instead of learning piecemeal, this course builds your skills in a sensible order. By the end, you’ll see how all the pieces fit together.

Short Lessons

Learn one thing at a time! Most lessons are a few minutes of explanation, with close up shots of technique, followed by a demo of how to play to the backing track

Technique Focussed

You’ll learn how to use your hands to get different sounds, not just rely on effects. All we use are drive and delay!


Any Questions? Please ask!