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Dec 12, 2019. The site is no longer accepting new customers.

Existing paid accounts will still have full access until the end of their current 12 month subscription period.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who was been on the course over the  years. I hope that it has in some small way inspired you to dig deeper into your playing – and has helped simplify the art of creating parts to a chord chart.

I’ve very much enjoyed creating and running the site – and the discussions with people it has sparked off.

With genuine best wishes for the future,



I’m guessing you’re here because you play electric guitar in church, and you want to develop your practical skills.

Your church has a rock/pop worship team with guitar, bass, drums, keys, vocals. You sing Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, ALM:UK and !Audacious.

You want to create interesting parts that lock in to the drums. Use effects, dynamics, chord substitutions. You want to go beyond copying the acoustic part, and make the songs rock.

You want to inspire those around you. You want worship to flow.



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About the Course

This is a four level, practical course to grow you as a worshipping musician.


Start with Guitar Basics

We all start here! How to hold and tune a guitar, how to wire it up. Learning our first chord. Getting past those ‘buzzy’ sounds as we learn to hold our fingers correctly.

Learn Worship Guitar Skills

We go deeper into our instrument. More chords. Substitues. Melodic ‘twiddles’. Patterns of chords that fit together. We go up the neck. We use effects, create soundscapes.

Learn Teamwork

We’re no longer playing on our own. We need to fit in. We learn how to ‘listen to each other’. We learn how to find space in the mix. We train our ear. We lock in to drums and bass. We need to cope with monitoring – hearing ourselves amongst others.

Create Flowing Worship

Our goal. We apply all these techniques to create a smooth, dynamic worship set. It rises and falls. It is powerful, then fragile. There are no disturbing gaps between songs, no awkward intros. We can play behind ‘improvised worship’ – when our congregation starts to sing off chart.

Backing Tracks

This course teaches you to play guitar in a team. You’ll apply every skill in a team situation using backing tracks. Even for your first chord!

Each track also has a video of the recommended part. And you can experiment with your own approaches.

Track your Progress

Know exactly where you’re up to. Simply Sign In, then use the ‘tick’ to mark a lesson complete.

Ask Questions, Talk with Others

Once you’ve signed in, you can join in the questions thread below each lesson. Ask me to explain something, or ask other signed in students what they think.

Learn using a four level system. Start with the basics, then move towards our goal - Worship Flow

Why this course?

  • Specifically for Worship Guitarists
  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop friendly lessons
  • Covers basics to flowing worship
  • Instant access HD video
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Develop teamwork skills

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