Free Lessons Beginning Electric Worship GuitarBeginning Electric Worship Guitar


32 free lessons to guide you from zero! Step by step guides to handling, sounds, chords, power chords, effects.

The Basics

  • Strapping up – How to attach a guitar strap, at the right height for you
  • Wiring up – Plugging in to your effects and amp. Plus some tips to avoid trip hazards.
  • Tuning up – Nobody can make an out of tune guitar sound good! Using an electronic tuner
  • Standing up – How to stand to get full access to the fretboard, and avoid back strain
  • Hand position – Key to smooth playing, avoiding string buzz and avoiding wrist injury
  • The Guitar Pick – Sounds easy, but there’s a best way to hold and move a pick (plectrum)

After these videos, you’ll know the very basics about wiring up a guitar and holding it. You’ll also learn the best way to use a pick to avoid strain and strum quickly. You’ll learn how to stand, so you avoid back strain. You’ll learn the best way to hold your fret hand to give you maximum speed and finger reach.

Guitar, Amp and Effects Settings

  • Introduction – What we’re going to cover
  • Guitar controls – What are the best settings for your volume and tone controls?
  • Great clean tones – Tips for getting a really nice, usable clean sound
  • Crunch chord tone – Setting your distortion pedal to get chords that crunch
  • Delay pedal – Versatile, musical – essential. How to set your delay pedal for best effect
  • Power chord tone – Getting a full metal distortion sound
  • Review – Quick recap of what we’ve just covered

These videos show you how to get the five workhorse electric guitar tones for worship. These five cover everything you need. You can get more sounds later, but these ones you will always use. Plus we cover how to set up your delay repeats musically, and how to set your guitar and overdrive tone so it’s “just so”.

Playing your First Chord

Learn how to play one simple chord to a full band backing track! That’s right, get a feel right now for how you can sound with a band around you. Troubleshooting tips: Why does my guitar buzz? Why doesn’t the chord sound clean?

Modern Open Chords in the key of E

These videos teach you my chord substitute system for the key of E. You’ll learn modern voicings, how to change between the chords, some popular chord patterns. And you’ll play to full band backing tracks.

Power Chords

These videos are all you need to know about Power Chords – the ‘heavy chords’. How to get that ‘grindy’ tone. How to use palm muting. How to move from chord to chord.

Take your skills to the next level

Want to go further? Learn how to move around the neck? Create your own worship guitar parts? How to fit in with the keys, bass and drums? Use triads and scale riffs? Sound like U2?

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