iSIngWorship picking up their award at #PremDAC16

Congratulations iSingWorship!

Many congratulations to Zarc Porter and the rest of the iSingWorship team on winning ‘App of the Year 2016’ at the Premier Digital Awards!     If you haven’t heard of iSingWorship, it’s a fantastic little app that let’s you Play a worship backing track, and Project lyrics in sync It’s pretty much a worship-team-in-a-phone […]

Can an acoustic guitar player learn electric? Free lessons to help

Can an acoustic guitar player learn electric?

Great question on Quora: Can an acoustic guitar player learn electric? I think this is very common in church worship teams. There are a lot of acoustic players out there. Acoustic is great for worship leaders. You can play at a simple level, and focus on leading. Not on intricate guitar. But many acoustic players […]

WHat makes a good worship guitarist?

What makes a good Worship Guitarist?

If you’re new to playing guitar in a worship team, it’s a good question to ask. What makes us effective in this role? What should we aim for? As with most things, it’s good to step back and look at the big picture. Whom should we be serving? And how do they want to be […]

6 Tips to make learning worship guitar easier - facebook

6 Tips To Make Learning Worship Guitar Easier

It seems overwhelming when you start to learn rock guitar. You need to learn about chords, effects, amps, techniques. Where do you start? Whether you go on to play in a worship team, or just more generally, here are my six tips to make learning worship guitar easier: 1. Just Start! You’ll find plenty of […]

How to convert normal chords into power chords on guitar with free video tutorials

How to convert chords to power chords

Here’s a simple tip for a common situation. You want to beef up a chorus by playing some power chords. You only have the Acoustic player’s chord chart. It isn’t marked with power chords. D’Oh! You’ll need to know how to convert chords to power chords. And it’s easier than you might think. Let’s say […]

Normal band vs worship team: what’s different?

It turns out playing in a worship team is different to playing in a regular band. It’s not that there is anything wrong with playing in a ‘normal’ band. I’d encourage you to do it. It’s just that the worship team has a different focus. Success has a different meaning Success for a ‘normal band’ […]

Leog Rock Guitarist Girl with Coffee

The Edge’s Guitar Sound … in maths!

Really enjoyed this link today. Because I am basically an engineering maths geek :)   Music is definitely all maths at heart. And never moreso than the relationship between delay echoes and beats per minute. I suspect The Edge didn’t discover his legendary sound by algebra, though! For the rest of us – myself included – […]

Funny: Our volume after sound check …

Absolutely fantastic – couldn’t put it better myself! :-) If you are having problems with volume, you could try this free tip here   (h/t to Salvatore Scorrano on Facebook, where I saw this first!)

How to handle criticism in church

Ever heard a conversation like this in church? “I really hate what’s happened at church!” “Like what?” “All that horrible guitar nonsense. Those loud chords. Those *horrible* noises from that keyboard thing. And don’t even start me on the miked-up drums!” Thought so. Sadly, conversations like this go on all the time. That can be […]