iSIngWorship picking up their award at #PremDAC16

Congratulations iSingWorship!

Many congratulations to Zarc Porter and the rest of the iSingWorship team on winning ‘App of the Year 2016’ at the Premier Digital Awards!


iSIngWorship picking up their award at #PremDAC16


If you haven’t heard of iSingWorship, it’s a fantastic little app that let’s you

  • Play a worship backing track, and
  • Project lyrics in sync

It’s pretty much a worship-team-in-a-phone for smaller churches. There are plenty of add-on packs of popular songs, in congregation-friendly keys.

I’ve been a fan for a while, partly due to my IT background, partly as I have met the founder, Zarc.

When he’s not a leading an app development team, I can tell you he is a fantastic producer/engineer who I have had the pleasure to record with. He has a real gift for making musicians feel comfortable enough to get their best performances. And has those ‘objective ears’ to … ahem … discreetly bin those not-so-good takes!

(My favourite story of Zarc is I played a zillion bass takes, he picked the very first phrase that had all the space in, looped that – and made the song infinitely better!)

Well done to all concerned.

It is a great app, and very worthy of the praise it has received.