Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course for me?

Yes, if you play – or want to learn – electric guitar for a church worship team, and want to develop your skills.

Is it for beginner or advanced level?

It has lessons for beginners, progressing up to intermediate/advanced levels.

The course is structured as a four level system organised around getting to flowing worship, rather than technical ability. That said, Basics and Skills Level 1 courses are Beginner/Novice levels. Skills Level 2 is intermediate standard.

Band and Flow levels then cover how to musically apply what you learn in Basics/Skills. They don’t require any more advanced guitar techniques, but they do require thought and practice.

What's covered?

It’s a four level system based on a journey from beginner to flowing worship:

BASICS For those new to guitar. How to wire up the gear, hold a pick, play your first easy chord.


  • LEVEL 1 from first chord to a sound knowledge of rock rhythm guitar basics. You’ll learn chords that fit together, how to ‘sound rock’, how to smoothly change chords, how to play in time.
  • LEVEL 2 adds advanced skills, like moving around the neck, adding loud/soft dynamics, effects, chord fragments, substitutions and adding melodies to chords.

BAND How we play in a band. Creating a part from a chart. Finding ‘space’ within the mix. Monitoring. How to ‘listen to each other’.

FLOW How to smoothly link songs together. What to play behind improvised worship.

What are the pricing plans?

  • FREE – there are free courses, sample lessons and the blog all for you to enjoy.
  • PREMIUM – see pricing page for details

How is it specific to church?

A worship musician faces some unique challenges.

You need the skills of a session player – to bring a chord chart to life in a variety of styles. You are a co-arranger of the song. You need to think like a film soundtrack composer – making textures that underscore various moods and emotions. The focus isn’t on you and your playing, it’s on serving those around you. It is fundamentally team-based. Whatever you play, it has to work in a band context.

You are working towards a dynamic, seamless set of worship, rather than a bunch of songs punctuated by Rock Star preening.

Learn Rock Worship Guitar is designed around these needs.

Will I learn specific songs?

No. Intentionally, I’ve avoided showing how to play specific parts to specific songs. Partly because I don’t have copyright clearance for the CCLI top 10. But more helpfully, I want to teach the principles behind those songs.

The backing tracks are made up from the same chord patterns as our favourites songs, so the techniques learned can easily be applied.

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