Setting up your gear

Just starting? Start right. Best practices for standing, holding, picking and wiring.

Playing your first chord

Let’s make some music! Play your first chord to a full-band practice track. How to fix ‘buzzy’ notes.

Essential guitar, amp and effects settings

Dial in five workhorse tones from your guitar, amp, distortion and delay.

Power chords for worship guitar

Power Chords add a sense of ‘energy’ and ‘majesty’ to a worship song.

Learn the shapes, chord patterns and rhythm techniques behind creating energetic power chord rhythms.

Practice powerful rhythm parts with 5 custom backing tracks

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Worship Chord System

The CAGED system applied! Five sets of contemporary open chord voicings for keys C, A, G, E and D.

With this approach, you’ll learn the shapes of modern-sounding chords. You’ll learn the most common patterns. You’ll learn how to smoothly change between chords.

You’ll put them all to work with 20 custom built backing tracks.

Open chords key of E

Learn how to play the main chords and patterns in E. Modern voicings.

Open chords key of C

Modern voicings for the six chords in C. Smoothly change between them.

Open chords key of A

A shimmering set of voicings for the six chords in A. Get your fingers around the main changes.

Open chords key of G

A real workhorse – the six main chords in the key of G. Move only one or two fingers for all the main patterns!

Open chords key of D

The six chords in D, plus how to change between them. Very useful later when used up the neck.

Interesting suspensions worship chords

Some more ‘unusual sounding‘ chords that work brilliantly with worship.

Play in any key using a capo

Play in any key, using the Worship Chord System and a capo. Learn the best capo position/chord set choices.

Upbeat praise song rhythm techniques

Essential rhythm techniques.

Using syncopation, muting and sixteenth note picking to add ‘punch’ to praise

Expressive techniques for loud and soft worship

How do we handle quieter, fragile worship times? A toolkit of gentler techniques.

Popular worship chord patterns

The secret to memorising songs, writing songs and playing by ear. Learn the most used chord patterns in praise/worship.

Using barre chords to play in any key

How to play choppy, barre chords in any key. A rock standby.

How to play chords higher up the neck

How do we play up the neck?

The chord chart says E, A, B – but we don’t want to strum open chords like the acoustic player.  How do we play chords/melodies up the neck like the pros?

My go-to toolkit of triads and partials.

U2 style worship guitar

40 years young, and still influencing worship today! How to apply U2 guitar techniques to praise and worship.

Band skills – finding space in the mix

How do we get the guitar to cut through the mix, and also complement the drums, bass, keys and vocals?

Stage Monitoring

Because it’s always “too loud!” Tame the beast of guitar volume – without sacrificing tone

Creating Flowing Worship

Our goal. Combine everything above to disappear into the background, and serve your fellow worshippers: Flow.

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