Growly Alternate G5 Power Chord


Alternate G5 Power Chord

Alternate G5 Power Chord Diagram


Video Transcription

Let’s end off this set of power chords in G by going back to the ‘1’ chord, G5.

I’d like to show you an alternative voicing that I play (demo).  You can hear that it’s still a G5, but it is “higher sounding”.

The G5 we already know sounds quite “low” and “deep”. This one sounds quite “high” and “bright”.

To play it, we take the

  • first finger, fifth (A) string at the fifth fret
  • flatten finger tip to also fret first finger, fourth (D) string, fifth fret (partial barre)
  • fourth finger, third (G) string, seventh fret

That’s a different way of playing G5.

It’s the same notes – just played in a different order, at a different place on the neck.

Useful Fast G5 – D5 Power Chord Change

A really useful thing about this chord is that it is so close to the D5 – the 5 chord in the key of G.

So, if we want to play a “1-4-5” in the key of G, then go back to the “1” chord, we have an alternative. We can go from the D5 to this new G5 shape.

You can see that what I’ve done in playing it is I have already pre-flattened my first finger as I play the D5. So I am ready to fret the alternate G5 simply by taking my third finger off.

This of course means you can play some very fast chord changes (demo). There’s not much work to do.