A – The 4 Chord in E

Backing Track

  • Pattern: Asus2E5 (4 – 1 Chord Pattern in E)

Chord Diagram

Chord Diagram for A sus 2


  • Chord Name: A sus 2
  • Nashville Number System: 4 chord in E
  • Use for: A, Asus2, Asus4, Aadd9, Amaj7



Video Transcription

For open chords in the key of E, after the 1 chord, the next most important chord is A major – the 4 chord.

The first A I learned was like this (x02220), but I prefer this particular voicing in the worship team.

Whenever we see ‘A’ on the word chart, we’re going to play this chord. It is actually an Asus2. This is a slightly modified version of an A.

You can see why I use this voicing- I just love the sound. It’s a lovely sound in a worship context. The best thing is that it’s very straightforward to change from the E5 to this Asus2.

How to play Asus2 – Guitar Fingering

  • Start with the open A string (fifth string)
  • First finger, second fret, D string (fourth string)
  • Fourth finger, fourth fret, G string (third string)
  • Play open B and open E strings

I’ll let you into a secret – open B and open E are constants in this series. There’s always an open B and open E string. It gives a ‘ringy’ feel, and makes it easy to change chords.

Have a quick practice of the Asus2.

You’ll hear that like all 4 chords in any key, it is just dying to go back to the 1 chord. In fact, this is my favourite ‘worship loop’

Practice Track – Worship 4-1 Chord Pattern

The backing track is fairly slow tempo. We’ll start off playing the Asus2 then going to the E5.

I recommend practicing the left hand first. Keep the right hand as simple downstrokes.

Uses in Worship for the 4 – 1 Chord Pattern

You’re going to have a really useful loop with the 4 to 1 chords in any key. I use it for ‘spontaneous worship’, when people are singing along. It’s very easy to sing to.

This simple loop is better than just a single chord. It has a sense of movement in it and a sense of melody. People can sing different notes. One of my bugbears is hearing ‘the same note all the time’ in spontaneous worship. This loop gives people an easy way in to explore their own voice.

It’s also great when you want to link between songs.