C#m – The 6m Chord in E

Backing Track

  • Pattern: 6m-4-1-5 chords in E (C#m7Asus2E5B5add11)
  • Tempo: 118 bpm
  • Sound: Crunch + Delay ( 1/4 note in time 118 bpm)
  • Play alternating between loud – simulating a chorus – and quieter, simulating a verse.


Chord Diagram




  • Chord Name: C# min 7
  • Nashville Number System: 6 minor chord in key of E
  • Use for: C#m, C#m7




Video Transcription

In any key, the fourth most commonly used chord in songs is known as the six minor (6m) chord.

In the key of E, that’s C sharp minor – often written as C#m or C#min.

I have a very simple approach to playing C# minor – basically I don’t!  I replace it with a substitute that’s more like a C#min7, with ringing open top strings.

To play this chord, you take the B5add11, which we learned previously, and simply slide the fingers you can slide up two frets.

How to fret the C# Minor 7

  • First finger – A string – fourth fret
  • Third finger, sixth fret, D string
  • Tuck the pinky underneath that fourth finger –  sixth fret, on the G string
  • Open B string
  • Open top E string

And as you can hear, I absolutely love doing broken chords with this (demo) but it’s also great just for harder rock rhythms (demo)