F#m and G#m – The 2m, 3m Chords in E

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Chord Diagram

Chord Box F# minor 11



  • Chord Name: F# minor 11
  • Nashville Number System: 2 minor chord in key of E
  • Use for: F#minor, F#min, F#m


Chord Diagram

Chord Box G# minor sharp 5


  • Chord Name: G# minor sharp five
  • Nashville Number System: 3 minor chord in key of E
  • Use for: G#minor, G#min, G#m – ONLY when you are in open E
  • Playing Tip: it’s the same shape as the F#m11, just slide up two frets higher
  • Note: A very unusual voicing.  ‘sharp fives’ have a weird sound. But in the key of E – it works! This is because the note that sounds weird in the chord – the sharp five – is the note E. The root note of the key. So overall this chord works as a normal G# minor, but with an extra note to emphasise the key you are in.
  • Not a substitute for G# minor in other keys!