How to play Power Chords for Worship – Introduction


Video Transcription

If I had to pick the defining sound of the electric guitar in a rock worship team, it’s power chords – the grinding heart of Rock!

They are a brilliant place to start learning. They are quite easy to get your chord hand around.

We’re also going to be a bit crafty; it turns out that most Praise and Worship songs are written in one key. And in one key, there’s up to seven different chords. Only four of them get used again and again.

We’re going to learn those four crucial chords. Straight away, we’ll be able to play loads of different songs.

What this course covers

We’re also going to learn

  • how to control the guitar how to shut it up firmly and decisively
  • how to play rhythmically
  • how to get that ‘chugging sound’ – the one that’s so popular in songs.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll know enough to play something that sounds like a classic Hillsong song (One Way) with a quiet chugging verse and then a loud-and-proud chorus.

Let’s get started!

So let’s start off by learning the most important of these four chords in the Key of G – the Power Chord G5