What you’ll learn

In this course, you’ll learn six open-string chords that let you play hundreds of praise and worship songs in the key of E.

The usual chords in E are E  A  B  C#m  F#m  and  G#m.

Easier, better sounding chords

Instead of learning the most basic shapes, you will learn some chord substitutes. These will be easier to play, easier to change between – and have a ‘more modern worship sound’.

Learn the common patterns

Real songs use these six chords in well-known patterns. You will learn the four most popular patterns. For example, the pattern ‘E-A-B-A’ is used in thousands of songs: Hendrix’ Wild Thing and 90s praise classic Lord I lift your name on High are two well known examples.

Build your ear

This approach of learning chords in patterns will you train your ear. Eventually, you will be able to listen to a song, and spot the chord pattern being played, without music.

It will also help you write new songs. And it makes memorising songs so much easier – so you can play a worship service without charts!

Band practice – backing tracks

It’s one thing knowing chrd shapes. It’s another playing them in a band! We’ll put our knowledge into practice straight away. By playing along to a full-band backing track, you will develop your timing, your ear, and your sense of rhythm.

Develop ‘servant musicianship’

The backing tracks will help you grow as a team player. The absolute key to playing in the Worship Team is to make your guitar fit with the rest of the instruments. Then fit with the song. Then support and uplift the flow of the service, under the direction of the worship leader.

Typically, this means playing far less than you would play when you practice alone.

We’re going to build on that from our very first chord!


Open Chords in E Cheat Sheet

Quick reminder about those substitutions for songs in the key of E. These shapes are explained in detail in the videos that follow.