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Practice to your own private worship band using the tracks.

  • Worship Chord System
  • Power Chords and Palm Muting
  • Playing triads up the neck
  • Creating original guitar parts
  • Suspended chord riffs
  • Using the major scale
  • Using Overdrive and delay
  • U2 and funk-rock style ideas
  • Hearing yourself on stage
  • Memorising songs
  • Essential Chord Patterns
  • The Nashville Number System
  • Using a capo creatively
  • Changing keys
  • How to blend with synths
  • Fitting in with the band
  • Locking in to bass and drums
  • Using Volume Swells, whammy and delay
  • Using Harmonics
  • Linking Songs
  • Spontaneous Worship Playing
  • Creating Worship Flow

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